Abyss : Game of Pearls

Join your guild, and build your own story in the deep...

The King of the Abyss has disappeared.
The five Guilds of the Deep are going to search for him while continuing their usual schemes to prepare his succession. Just in case…

1 – Every day, on Discord, you will have a choice to make (among two) to guide your Guild’s expedition.
Not everyone will make the same decisions. Moral choices, earning pearls and influence: you will have to decide together within your guild!

2 – Play Abyss and Conspiracy on Board Game Arena to earn pearls and influence for your Guild!

3 – Attend thbe 2 Live events on Twitch and support your leader as he faces off against other Guilds!

This adventure will take place from November 2 to 30, 2021.

How to participate?

Sign up below. You will then receive a Discord* link by email in order to participate in discussions with other players in your guild.

* A Discord account is required to participate. It's fast and free.

The participants

Guilds in real time.

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