Captain Carcass

All divers in the water!
2-4 players 15' 8+ Press your luck, set collection & combinations game

All divers in the water!

shouts Captain Carcass. You’ve now been thrown 20 000 leagues under the sea, seeking wonderful loot! But beware the intoxication of the deep, or you’ll come back empty-handed…
Flip over cards from the draw deck one at a time. To collect them, stop before you end up with two cards of the same suit.

A player who takes no risks ends up with nothing, but whoever risks too much… loses everything!

  • The first Press-Your-Luck game from The Little game library!
  • An outstanding underwater world, featuring imaginative artwork, an original porthole-shaped box.
  • An easily learned game which can become more complex if played with special skills.

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