Pixies (EN)

  • Game designer(s):Johannes Goupy
  • Artwork: Sylvain Trabut


Move through the seasons to meet little creatures emerging from a flower or sheltering in the hollow of a tree.
Choose one of the revealed cards, but be careful which ones you leave to your opponents! Place it in your playing area according to its number. Cards placed one on top of another are validated and earn you points at the end of the round, as does your largest color zone and your spirals.

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  • 2 to 5 players
  • 30
  • 8+
  • Collection, card placement, Luck



  • 70 cards (88x63mm)
  • 1 rule leaflet

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Weight 0,162 kg
Dimensions 7,2 × 3,2 × 9,9 cm


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